My Team and I have put together an engaging series on the realities of COVID-19 as it relates to Individuals.

We launched the series with a virtual session on COVID-19 & THE FUTURE OF WORK: THE REALITIES AND HOW TO RESPOND on Monday 20th April, 2020, with 60 persons in attendance.

With reasonable number of people accessing the link after the class ended, we decided a repeat of the teaching was needed. Hence, the provision for a repeat session on Monday 27th April, 2020.

The series is designed to open our minds to the Risks and Opportunities that come with the COVID-19 pandemic with its health related and an unprecedented social and economic effect.

This series will help us cope and position ourselves to respond well to this change that may stay with us even after COVID-19. Either as a; JOB SEEKER; EMPLOYEE; SELF-EMPLOYED; BUSINESS OWNER|TEAM LEAD or INVESTOR. This series is for everyone!